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I hope you've all managed to enjoy the bank holiday weekend, whatever you decided to do. 

Here's a 'special gift' that gives you a wonderful reason to start planning some more quality time, and one where you can get your 'Glee' on having a fun time out with family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, the team from the office, catching up, or celebrating your birthday, anniversary or that special occasion on a heart warming trip down memory lane.

RESPECT LA DIVA! Is the latest musical set to hit London's West End this September. The show premieres on the 7th and runs for three weeks, paying tribute to female legends from the 50's, 60's 70's, 80's & 90's through the present day with some 30 songs lined up to keep you entertained.

Head to the 'Garrick Theatre' in the heart of London's Theatreland, this September, where you'll enjoy a matinee, or an evening singing classic songs from legendary women spanning six genres.

On the bill there's Aretha Franklyn, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Etta James, Diana Ross, Dusty Springfield, Mariah Carey, Shirley Bassey, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston to mention a few diva's.

So why a wonderful reason? 

Well, the organisers, Baronet Entertainment have teamed up with 'Refuge' to help raise funds for the charity.

Established in 1971 Refuge provide shelter, support and other services to women and children across the UK, (in excess of 1500) annually who have been affected by domestic violence.

Join Sheila Ferguson (Three Degrees), Denise Pearson (Five Star) and the show's host; X Factor Winner: Andy Abraham alongside a host of others for "RESPECT LA DIVA" and grab 50% off your ticket price in the process courtesy of GMI! 

1) VISIT: www.respectladiva.com
2) IMPORTANT!!! Enter your PROMOTION CODE - Lorraine Diva
3) SELECT THE DATE you want to attend. 
4) BOOK up to ten tickets: Note - your tickets will already have been discounted! 
5) DECIDE to collect from the box office or receive by post
6) PURCHASE your tickets
7) LOOK FORWARD to a great occasion this September! 

Here's an introduction to the charity:

RESPECT La Diva is a show about strong and inspirational women.


Every day, Refuge, the national domestic 
violence charity, supports women and children whose lives have been shattered by domestic violence.  

Despite enduring months or even years of violence and control, these women and children are resilient, courageous and determined to rebuild their lives.They are inspirational!

Click on the link to find learn more about the work REFUGE does, and how you can support the charity by making a 'mobile phone' donation of up to £10.00!


Simply enter LORRAINE DIVA when booking, 
and top priced seats are yours! Tickets starts from £11!

Show starts: 7th September, and runs until the 24th. So what are you waiting for!? 

www.respectladiva.com Remember! Enter ' Lorraine Diva ' BEFORE you select your tickets, and follow the steps above!  



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