Wednesday, 11 August 2010

UK’s first RECYCLED THEATRE opens in Southwark

Jellyfish Theatre, Southwark.
Jellyfish Theatre, Southwark. Credit: The Oikos Project

A Southwark playground has become host to the UK's first fully-functioning theatre made entirely from recycled and reclaimed materials.

The Jellyfish Theatre is part of the The Oikos Project, a unique mix of public-made art, architecture and performance. It is the brainchild of Arts Council funded organisations The Red Room and The Architecture Foundation in association with The Junction, Cambridge.

The Red Room will present two newly commissioned plays in the unusual theatre space. Directed by Topher Cambell, the plays by Kay Adshead and Simon Wu echo the environmental theme of the project.

The structure was built by award-winning, Berlin-based architects Köbberling and Kaltwasser and was showcased as part of the London Festival of Architecture. Local residents and visitors to the site donated materials for the build of The Jellyfish Theatre and also volunteered as builders, carpenters and unskilled hands. It will open to the public at the end of August and will be dismantled in October 2010.

Oikos by Simon Wu runs 26 August-18 September 2010 and Protozoa by Kay Adshead runs 23 September-9 October 2010. For further infomation on the project and to find out how you can buy tickets visit the Oikos website.

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