Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Has the British film industry lost its' edge ???

In a recent article which can be accessed here Eddie Berg, the artistic director of the British Film Institute (BFI), said conceptual artists like Steve McQueen and Sam Taylor-Wood are part of a trend that is seeing the most experimental and edgy films being made by artists rather than trained, experienced filmmakers.

Do you agree with this comment?

Have you seen or been part of the new wave of contributors to the big (or small) screen, but without any formal training in the industry?

With the use of so many platforms available to be part of the film industry do you think it matters whether you're trained or not?

We're giving you a rare opportunity to link into the BFS Network by clicking on this link or the one above to contribute to what we see as a much needed debate: The future of our / the British film industry?

Your view counts ... get involved!

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