Friday, 4 December 2009

NINE premiere ... The ladies were in town on a chilly red carpet, autumn evening

Sky News reports on 'NINE' premiere ...

The actresses joined their co-stars Daniel Day-Lewis and Dame Judi Dench to launch one of the most star-packed films of the year, which is based on a stage show that was in turn based on Federico Fellini's cinematic classic Eight and a Half.

The film's been brought to the screen by Rob Marshall - director of the Oscar-winning Chicago, a film that won six Oscars, and helped reignite interest in big-screen musicals. Producers are pining their hopes on it emulating that success.

Day-Lewis plays Guido Contini, an Italian director suffering a mid-life crisis, who is trying to deal with an endless succession of women.

"lt was very, very hard day, with no reward whatsoever!" he laughs, when Sky News asks him what it was like to work, and sing, alongside all those actresses. "It was nerve-wracking for all us as most of us like to hope that we can sing, but Rob he gave us all the help that we needed."
Early word has it that Penelope Cruz steals the show singing a song as Guido's mistress, but it seems even she suffered from extreme nerves on set.

"Singing was terrifying because it was new and because it was my first time" said Cruz. "But i would love to do it again. It was really like doing theatre, but I only did theatre as a student in Spain."

For most of the cast the evening was more about trying to keep warm in the chilly London air, for a cast of glamorous women, there weren't many glimpses of the usual skimpy designer frocks.

"I made a mistake I should've worn gloves" laughed Kidman. "But they wouldn't go with the jacket. I saw Kate, and it's OK, because she's got her coat on."

Last word on the evening to Judi Dench though, who stars as Guido's' fashion designer and confidant, and also gets to belt out a tune.

"Its lovely because you get many chances at it, not like the theatre," she told Sky News, as we attempt to tell her she's definitely our favourite female on the carpet at the premiere. "Really?" she laughs, before sensing that we might well have told Cruz, Kidman and Hudson the exact same thing. "Have you said that a lot this evening? Shall I slap your face very hard!"  There really is nothing like a Dame.

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