Wednesday, 27 May 2009


The recent riots in Martinique and Guadeloupe were largely glossed over by the British media, but they represent the most serious uprising by exploited black people since the 1937 riots in the English speaking Caribbean.

This film explains in detail the many similarities there are between the Windrush generation and what is known as the Bumidons.

Is it better to be black in France than in England?


Rama Yada was born in Senegal, grew up on a council estate and in 2007 became the first black woman cabinet minister in France.

The Bumidon were invited to France in the 1960's to do menial jobs while rich white French people were sent to the Caribbean to occupy the best land and employment.

It features Aime Cesaire and shows the economic oppression operated by Sarkozy, who has suddenly appointed the first Black women ever as Minister for Overseas Territories. (Islands in the Caribbean are considered part of France)

The film will be followed with: Q and A with a panel representing French-Caribean, Black Parisians and French-speaking Somalis from the East African country Djibouti. We will examine the background to the African experience in France and compare it to the Windrush experience in the UK.

This major event takes place in the 450 seat flagship luxury cinema. As this is the first event of its kind ever, be sure to bring, your friends,family and kids to see some positive images of the Caribbean and find out what is going on.

Saturday 30th May: 2pm-5.00pm
BFI Southbank (near Royal Festival Hall)
Belvedere Road SE1

Tube: Waterloo Embankment

Tickets: ₤5.00
Phone: 0207 928 3232

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