Monday, 16 February 2009

Filmmakers Festival Fund ... 2nd deadline!


A reminder to all film-makers heading abroad this year to promote their material, and in need of financial assistance! BFS invites you to check out the Film London website: and find out how you can gain support!

Oh, and whilst there ensure to register for their weekly bulletins, and keep on top of what's happening in London.

The Film-makers' Festival Fund (FFF) aims to support the development of film-makers and moving image artists' careers by assisting them in promoting themselves and their short film projects at primarily overseas festivals and markets.

The fund provides: Travel grants for attendance at one of the named overseas festivals where their short films have been selected for official competition (excluding Audience Awards).

A contribution towards the cost of striking a first 35mm film print or production of a digital master where required by a festival for screening: e.g. digital duping / mastering for USA festivals NTSC / subtitling. (NB. 35mm print awards are conditional on awardees attending the named festival in their application)

How much is available? Awards from the Film-makers' Festival Fund will be no more than a maximum of £500 towards print production costs and £250 for travel grants (outside of Europe) or £100 (within Europe).

Final deadline: for application will take place on a monthly basis, as follows: 17 February 2009 and 17 March 2009.

For full information about the fund, to download applications, access links and contacts visit:

Good luck!!

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