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BFS announces Images of Black Women Film Festival PROGRAMME 27th-29th March

BFS are pleased to announce the programme for the 5th Images of Black Women Film Festival:

Friday 27th March 2009 - 8.00pm: (85 mins)EUROPEAN PREMIERE FEATURE FILM "FROM A WHISPER"

IBW proudly features the European Premiere of 'From A Whisper', which is an endearing tale of two parallel lives of an artist and an intelligence officer; both indirect casualties on the August 7 US Embassy attack in 1998. They find comfort in the help they give each other to come to terms with the loss of their loved ones who they have been mourning for the last 10 years.

Saturday 28th March - Secret Life Of Bees: 2.45 pm - 4.35pm(110 mins)
"The Secret Life of Bees" based on the Best Selling book by Sue Monk Kidd set in 1964, South Carolina. It's an enchanting parable of hope and love. Singing sensations Queen Latifah, Alicia Keyes and Jennifer Hudson star alongside British born and Oscar nominated actress Sophie Okonedo brings the bewitching tale by Gina Prince Bytheswood to life.

Saturday 28th March "Hair Piece" + "Alma's Rainbow" 4:45 - 6:30pm (10 mins + 85 mins) Short: "Hair Piece" animated depiction of the antics performed by many black women in an effort to control their hair. Also by Akoya Chenzika "Hair Piece" is followed by "Alma's Rainbow"-a hip urban sitcom with sepia-toned flashbacks. which recalls Spike Lee's first film, "She's Gotta Have It."

The heart of the movie is the struggle between Alma and Ruby . Her live-for-the-moment manner sets an example for both mother and daughter, allowing Alma to take a Rainbow's transition from a street-dancing tomboy into a more sexually self-assured young woman.

+ Q and A with Akoya Chenzika.

Sunday 29th March 11:00am-1:00pm: Adult workshop by DFG: Documentary film production. The Documentary Filmmakers Group- DFG is the national organisation working to promote documentary filmmaking talent and innovation in the UK . A single aim links all their work to encourage, stimulate, promote and support the growth of a strong community of documentary filmmakers and film audiences.

Sunday 29th March 1:30pm - 2:15pm Short Film Competition Award: The IBW Independent Film Makers Competition has grown year on year, and this is the section where the eagerly anticpated results of the compeition will be announced. Out of over 40 entries 10 finalists were sifted, and the winner will be presented with her coveted prize of her film being shown and receipt of her prize money!

Sunday March 29th 2:30pm - 4:15pm AFRO SAXONS By Rachel Wang(84 mins)
Afrosaxons - An entertaining and engaging documentary giving an insight into the world of Afro hair politics. The film follows four hair stylists preparing to create bold and innovative Afro styles for the Black Beauty Hair Awards in London. Hairdressers - scissors at the ready. Then enjoy the Q&A Panel with Rachel Wang!

Sunday March 29th 4:30pm - 6:30pm (97mins.) Johnny Mad Dog by Jean-Stephane Sauvaire which closes the festival is an emotive film that tells the chilling tale of the phenomenon of the child soldier, and the effect his actions has on the strong central female character - Laokole after Johnny's "men" raid her town. As the film progresses, it becomes apparent that Johnny is desparate to break from the cycle of violence to which fate has condemned him and his "men". Winner of the Cannes Film Festival 2008, Prize of Hope Award. A insight into "real" life on the streets that could make for a sobering concoction of emotion, survival and realism. A must see for youngsters in London who think they have a "hard knock life". Very strong performances from both child actors.

JOIN IBW for this fascinating weekend of debate on celebrity panels, fun at films and education workshops. Why not attend the whole weekend.

Anyone buying a pair of tickets on February 14th could win a belated Valentines treat courtesy of IBW with the cost of your tickets being refunded when you attend the Festival! But you have to be in it to win it!

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