Monday, 5 January 2009

A New Dawn for the Black Film Industry

Hello and Welcome!

This space is the first Social Networking site for exhibitors of Black Film content:

- actors, filmmakers, producers, directors, crew, tv presenters, through to the print media, distributors and educators, technicians and others based in, and or hailing from the United Kingdom.

2009 sees not only the launch of the Black Film Society but also that of the first UK-wide Black British Film Festival (BBFF) ... watch this space for dates locations and details on how to submit your films.

The BFS has been set up to establish links and form a professional society and alumni for the UK Black Film Industry across genres to the present.

I envisage a strong distribution network being borne through the society. A place where professionals can exchange, meet and evoke growth. Where partnerships will be borne and alliances fused. A coming together of professionals to write scripts, produce and direct movies on a continium. One that pools funding. One that attracts endorsements and paid sponsorships. One that works collaboratively with the UK film sector to instill a foundation that is long overdue. One that creates a momentum and collective that ensures weekly screenings in cinemas and other venues of black film content. One that engages in regular debates through the BFS Forum.

Your contributions will inform the real direction this space and the network will take.

Forthcoming posts will introduce the founding members of the Black Film Society and begin this journey.

A little about me: My name is Lorraine Gabriel - founder of the Black Film Society.

Director Producer:
Redbridge Film Festival [Cineworld] (2003)
A Tribute to Bob Marley [The Rio] (2006)
Guns on our streets Youth Adult film and debates initiative [Guiness Trust] (2006)
Film Festival for Schools [FFISH] Odeon (2007)
Caribbean Film Festival [CFF UK] Generation to Generation [V&A] (2008)
Rom4d Celebrations Film Festival [The Mall, Romford] (2008)

Head of International Business (Europe)
On the forthcoming USA film: Pure Shooter -The movie (August 2009)
Produced by: Sky 21 productions -

TV Credit:
Fresh Act Britains' First Black Reality TV Show [2007]
Role: Lead Female
Sky Channel: 207

Radio TV Interviews:
OBE TV News [2007] Film for Festival Schools [FFISH]
Film Africa [2007] Film Festival for Schools [FFISH]
Colourful Radio [2007] Film Festival for Schools [FFISH]
BBC Caribbean World Service [2007] Film Festival for Schools [FFISH]
Colourful Radio [2006] Rain Pryor
Playvybz [2006] Studio guest: Inspirational Women: Business Inspiration Guidance
BEN TV [2006] Women in Business Youth Crime

My interests include:
- specialising in film festivals
- late-night themed film screenings
- film distribution
- product placement
- tv channels: satelite and internet

I am currently participating in The New Black - Cultural Leadership Training programme: delivered by Karen Alexander produced by Film London. Take a look at our blog: http://www.bfdn.blogspot/ - there you'll meet some of the first members of the Black Film Society.

Over to you?

May 2009 be your best year to date!

Lorraine Gabriel

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